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2018 is kicking off big.  Lots of changes happening and lots in store to help you get to the next level of your development.

Individual Design Programming.
540 is proud of our programing for the General and AAB athletes.  We take a great amount of time planning out our development and 2017 has been a banner year for PR's and Gold Stars!  This year we plan on extending this even further.  ID design allows for a more personalized development for the athlete themselves.  For those that choose to pursue this option we will have 3 levels of detail that will be offered on a monthly basis.
Level 1
For someone looking for light to moderate Individualized programming.  Scheduled drills and up to 2 additional or alternative wods programmed a week.
Level 2
More Aggressive Ind. programming.  Up to 4 days a week of extra or alternate programming.
Level 3
Complete Individual design.  A detailed and lengthy assessment process as well as daily programming that works around your strengths, weaknesses and schedule.
ID programming is a great option for someone who really wants to hammer down on something they truly enjoy doing or work on weaknesses in an accelerated manner.

Nutrition Consultations
We work so hard in the gym only to hold ourselves back in the kitchen.  In 2018 we want to make sure you have ALL the tools needed to succeed.  We realize that many of the goals we will be discussing with everyone for the new year will be weight loss and nutrition centered.  We are planning on kicking off a nutrition seminar to help people learn the basics about the fuel going into their bodies, and then follow up with FREE level 1 Consultations to make sure we are on the right track.
Level 1
Food and Diet profiling, as well as direction and basic follow up.
Level 2
Food and Diet profiling, 1-2 Detailed consults a month
Level 3
Food and Diet profiling, Weekly consults

Class Structure
This year we want to grow the class unity to a higher and more solidified level.  This year we are asking that everyone try to be at the class when the session time begins, and that EVERYONE warm up together with the coach.  For some workouts, the Coach may deem that AAB or others may not need to be a part of the full class warm up or only need a part of it, but we do ask that everyone be respectful to the coach and the process.  
Just some things to remember...
-Respectful of the Coach running the session
-Quiet when wod is being explained
-Class start time
-Group warm up for everyone until dismissed
-If injured or other circumstance, communicate with coach if other options are needed, or if you  need to start or leave early
-Sign in to every class
-putting up all equipment after each session

Membership changes
Beginning in January we will no longer accept monthly cash/check/card payments.  All members will need to either sign up for the ACH draft, or make a minimum of a 3 month payment.  Our bulk discount option is still available.  
CrossFit 540 has not changed our rates for membership since 2011.  In order to maintain the highest level of quality and to continue onward in our journey of offering the most premium fitness based product in the market, we feel as though 2018 needs to show change here as well.
New members will see the immediate change, as rates will go up to 140 for regular, 115 for discount, and 85 for students.
Our current members will only see a small increase for this year followed by a 5 dollar increase for the following 2 years.   Members paying 127 will go to 130, those paying 102 will go to 105, and students at 77 will go to 80.
These changes for existing members will not go into effect until Feb.
Thank you for your understanding on this process, we realize that it is never fun to see rates increase.  2017 saw many changes at 540, and we feel as though the product quality was greatly improved.  With all of the changes and plans in place for 2018, we are confident that this can be a banner year for our community and gym.

3 min AMRP
9 Thrusters A)95/65, B)75/55, C)65/35
35 DU
Rest 2
3 min AMRP
9 DB Snatch
9 DB 1 arm Squat / DB OH Squat
Rest 2
3 min AMRP
1,2,3,4.... BMU / T2B
Rest 2
7 OH  Squat / Front
21 DU
Rest 5
Repeat all but with a 3 min Break between

Trevor Belline