Rest Day!

The Open starts today!  At 7pm tonight, Dave Castro will be live streaming over the games.crossfit.com website to announce the first workout of the 2017 season.  We will have a viewing party at the gym for those that would like to hang out.  We will 'open' the doors around 6.30

For those new to the Open, a workout is released each Thursday at 7pm for 5 weeks.  For those participating in the In House, you will have until Monday at 7 to perform the workout at 540 while being judged and counted.  One of the days over the weekend we will program the Open wod as the workout of the day.  That will be the day we try and have most everyone do the Wod.  But if not able to make it in on that day we will be more than flexible with letting you get the wod in after another session has ended on another day.  No problem.  There will be RX'd, Scaled and possibly a 540 scaled version that is unique to our gym's little In House competition.  

We want this to be fun for everyone, that is the main priority.  However, this is a competition so we want to keep it as fair as possible as well.  

You must be 'judged' for your score to count in the Open.  Reps counted, with someone 'no repping'  you if the movement is not done to the required ranges of motion. 

We will stay away from 'Buddy judging'.  Spouses, best friends, and the like are encouraged to not judge each other to make sure we steer clear of 'bro reps'.  

There must be more than one other person at gym for your score to count.  (unless you choose to video your wod)

If we are lucky enough to make it to the next level of competition and qualify a team for regionals, then we will go with the best three men's open scores, and the best three women's open scores, with an alternate for both as well.

Top three of each will decide the team unless a regional standard cannot be performed or being struggled with by the athlete, in which the alternate will have the chance to fill in.  

We must have your scorecard!  Please make sure you turn in your scorecard so we can record your score.

We will see you on Friday!!!!!!  

Trevor Belline