Fun Friday Sessions: 5.15,6.15,8.15,11.30,4.30,5.30,6.30

!!Final Day to get in on the action. Sign up for your personal nutritional phone consult. At the gym is the sign up sheet for NEXT weeks schedule for 30 min phone consults. Pick a time and we will contact you to discuss your current nutrition. If you have been tracking via My Fitness Pal, Great! if not, no problem. But sign up so we can make headway on getting you to where you want to be!!

Run 800 @ +20-30 mile
400 @ -5 to 10 mile pace
rest 2

3 min Max cals on bike
3 mins Reverse sled pulls
3 mins for situps
3 min for standing sled arm pulls


Power Snatch + OH Squat (1and1)

Hanging Snatch

Power Clean and Jerk @ same

Run metcon

Trevor Belline