Time to get yourself some calorie 'credit' before the holiday!!!  
Sessions at: 5.15,6.15,8.15,11.30,4.30,5.30,6.30


Holiday hours for the 4th!!!
One big slamma jamma session at 8.30 in the AM.  We will do a Team Hero wod and make sure you feel a bit better about all the consumption that you are getting ready to partake in.  See you then!!!!

At the end of July we will be adding set Open gym hours on Rest Days.  We realize that many of you have schedules that keep you from coming in as often as we (and you;)) would like.... so we will be adding open gym hours for the morning, noon and eve sessions.  There will be a rest day metcon programmed, but also you will have the option to work on extras.

Effective this Sunday, we will be merging the 12 and 1 class to a 12.30 session.  We want to make weekend classes as much fun and effective as possible.  Since so many come to the 12 session, we wanted to take steps to make sure the 1pm session didn't become a drain on what 540 strives to be.  By merging the two, it will be a bit easier to get to after church, and allow for even more energy and community.


5-10 Strict PU
30 sec GHD Plank holds /  supported Dolphin kicks
*move straight to A2 after A1 and then rest 1 min

15 1 arm DB presses each arm
60 sec to row as many calories possible
*move straight to A2 after A1 and then rest 1 min

10 DB Box Step ups A)35/20's B)20/10's
Structural : 5rds
30 sec of step ups (aggressive)
Row 1 min casual


Snatch Balance + OH Squat
15 mins to work to AHAP

5 sets
5 Below knee Snatch Hi Pull @85+
HS Walk 40 ft /  HS obstacles

Row for 2 mins maintaining sub 1:55/2 min pace
then 100 DU
rest 2 min between

Run 800
20 Strict PU weighted 35/15


Trevor Belline