Sunday is a Fun Day because 540 is open at : 8,12.30

Please note that we are merging the 12 and 1 class to be at 12.30.  This move it to designed to keep the community and energy of the Sunday afternoon at 540 the best it can possibly be.  If you have issues with these times, please let a trainer know your thoughts.

Sprint Sunday!!
These workouts are designed to bridge the gap between aerobic work (yesterday) and Pure strength work.  They focus on the Anaerobic energy system by combining the right intensity w longer breaks to help the athlete develop their ability to maintain for longer periods when using the lactic metabolic pathway.


Run 400 @ near capacity
Rest 8 min
(optonal 800 m row)

60 sec AMRP
10 Sq Clean TnG 155/105, 125/75, C)95/55 185/125
Bike for cals
Rest 6 min

Row 90 sec for meters
rest 8 min

2 min AMRP
15 Deads @ P Clean weight
Run 200
Bike for cals
rest 12

Run 400

AAB Option for afternoon session
Rest 20
Repeat all

Trevor Belline