Sessions @ 8,12.30

!!Remember that at 1.30 we have our Sunday School session!!! We will be going over Dr Alan Christiansons book, the Metabolic Reset Diet, which covers how the liver can be overloaded and affect your metabolism. After researching and reading the book multiple times, we are convinced that it is grounded in sound principle and worth experimentation.

Sunday school will not be longer that 30 minutes. Its worth your time!

Row 1000
then 3rds
7 BMU / 14 Pullups
14 KB Swings A)70/55, B)55/35, C)35/20
21 DU
Row 1000

Optional Supplementation
Farmer Carry DnB AHAP
12 Shoulder Front Raise,
Side Raises
Bent over Raises
GHD's W or WO medball

Trevor Belline