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Team we are excited to announce the beginning of….



For one month we want to spotlight the benefits and the rewarding aspect of giving our all in the wods we do day after day. For the month of May, we challenge you to make your fitness journey a priority. If you normally come three days a week, come four. If you take weekends off, then try to make saturdays happen. We want you to push HARDER in the strength workouts….. to run faster in the run wods, and to give your BEST effort in Every. Single. Wod.

We truly believe that if you make this ONE month a priority for your best effort, that you will see an increased level of success, further development physically, and what is the most important…. you will feel PRIDE in knowing that really gave your all in a matter of personal development.

So give it a shot. You are already showing up and doing most of the wods away… why not for one month see what happens if you give your very best effort. Every single time. We are betting that you will be blown away by how rewarding it is.

One month. 100%. Dedicated.

So what do you do?
1) Show up.
2) Sign In. Every day:)
3) Look at the wod before hand, and think about how you can attack it to get the most out of it. Get psyched.
4) Report your score. Every single day. (even if you don’t normally…. just for one month.) try it
5) Motivate others. Cheer someone on. Help someone who’s struggling one day. Cheer them on that final round!
6) Feel pride in knowing that you didn’t just go through the motions. That you gave your all

We have T shirts coming right around the corner to celebrate MOTIVATED MAY. Limited print, so get em’ while they are there!

First wod of MOTIVATED MAY is…….
Fight Gone Bad
Box jumps 20in
PP 75/55
Row for cals
SDHP 75/55
Rest 1 min

Lets go get it!!!!!!

Optional extra
3-5 rds 
Dual DB Strict Press *8
Dual DB Bent over Rows *8
Bar Bell Hip Bridges *10

Trevor Belline