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Perhaps you have seen some crazy CrossFit videos being shared at the office, or maybe you saw the CrossFit Games on ESPN. Either way, there is a good chance you were impressed. Although we do crazy things at our gyms, everything we do is scaleable to any fitness level.


CF | 540

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's next? What does a call involve?

We will contact you to learn more about you, tell you about our program, and schedule a consult.  During the consult, which is step 1 of our CAD process, we take the time to learn why you are interested in 540, what steps have brought you here so far, begin with a nutritional profile, and help you understand what you can expect from the gym and the program.

I'm not that fit. Is this for me?

Even our most advanced athletes felt this way on day-one. We have our CAD program designed to make starting simple and efficient. Check out our foundations program to get you started.

I have CrossFit experience, will CrossFit 540 help me advance?

We sent teams to regionals in 2011, 2012,2013, and 2014, placing as high as 5th place in 2014. We have also had numerous Games and Regional athletes train for different periods of time.  Besides numerous CrossFit certifications held by many or our trainers, we are also an OPEX gym.  OPEX is a premium fitness and coaching educational process that allows 540 to deliver 2nd to NONE quality programing, assessment and nutritional direction.  We will help you get better. Check out our AAB programming to advance your fitness.

Unlimited Memberships

$140 — Individual
$115 — Individual w a 6 month contract
$100 — Individual w a 12 month contract

$220 — Family
$200 — Family w a 6 month contract
$185 — Family w a 12 month contract

$115 — Discount (Students, Teachers, 1st Responders)
$105 — Discount w a 6 month contract
$100 — Discount w a 12 month contract


Drop-in Classes

$20 — Single Class
$40 — One Week
Free — Looks

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