We realize that there are other gyms and other CrossFit gyms in the area that are less expensive. We are proud of the services we offer at 540 and believe that they are second to none. We constantly strive to learn more every year so that we can make sure our members are getting the VERY best in coaching and education. Multiple trainers have their L1 and L2 certifications along with a host of other qualifications such as CF Running and Endurance, CF Mobility, CF Weightlifting, USAW Weightlifting, and we are very proud to state that we are an OPEX certified gym as well. OPEX is elite fitness education for professionals that specializes in Athlete Assessment, Program Design, Lifestyle Coaching, Nutrition and more. When you sign up at 540 the total product is much, much more than just the 'workout of the day'. Its about an individualized experience that helps you change your life. Experienced programing, experienced coaches and a host of extremely friendly members make for an experience that is hard to match. Chances are, you have done the cheap gyms in the past….. something was missing. It is time to invest in yourself and in your health. It’s time to BECOME MORE. And as always, we offer up a free trial period to see if you think we are worth your hard earned dollars. If you are serious about fitness and changing your life, we think you will agree that we are indeed worth it.


Unlimited Memberships

$140 — Individual Month to Month (Does not include cost of CAD)
$115 — Individual w 6 month contract (CAD Cost is waived)
$100 — Individual w 12 month contract (CAD Cost is waived)

$220 — Family Month to Month (Does not include cost of CAD)
$200 — Family w 6 month contract (CAD Cost is waived)
$185 — Family w 12 month contract (CAD Cost is waived)

$115 — Discount Month to Month (Does not include the cost of CAD)
$105 — Discount w 6 month contract (CAD Cost is waived)
$100 — Discount w 12 month contract (CAD Cost is waived)
*For Members of the Armed Forces, LEOs, First Responders, Students and Teachers


Drop-in Classes

We'd love to have you! Stop by either of our locations or contact one of our trainers if you have any questions! If you are trying out CrossFit for the first time, we offer a free trial week period.

$20 — Single Class
$40 — One Week
Free — Looks

ID (Individualized Design)

Something that sets CF 540 apart from other gyms is our options and professional abilites to off ID for our members. Do you want to focus on something you LOVE or your weaknesses? Have a special goal that needs special attention? ID is for you. Ranging from just a few extra workouts a week to a specialized programming made just for you, we aim to please.

Level 1 — Moderate ID programming
Level 2 — Aggressive Additional/Alternate programming
Level 3 — Total Individual Design


True success in fitness and health requires a devotion and knowledge to nutrition and how foods react with your bodies. Although some diets are excellent, NONE are made for each and every individual out there. CF 540 will look at how you eat and the things that you need to do to improve over time. Our goal is for you to have lifetime success and not just a 3 month crash plan. We are confident that we can help you change your life throught your diet. This is how we do it.

Level 1 — Basic profile and guidence (included with CAD)
Level 2 — Monthly Consults and more detailed direction
Level 3 — Weekly Consults and advanced nutrition direction