• Stage 1:

    Consult. Assess. Develop.

    The Basics.

    CrossFit 540 is a professional service designed to take an individual and help them reach and surpass whatever fitness goals they may have. Elite athletes and those that are just getting started on their fitness journey are all given the same amount of time and attention to help them thrive in our environment. We strive for success. How we do this is a detailed and in depth process that begins simply with our CAD (Consultation Assessment Development) course. In CAD, we first sit down with you one on one to get to know you and what makes you tick. What is your background? Do you have injuries that will affect your training? What are your goals and reasons for beginning with 540? Discussions on diet, nutrition, how the gym operates on a daily basis as well as what you can expect moving forward with 540 and your training. We want to begin your experience here by giving you the knowledge needed to be successful. Once this essential information is attained, we move on to assessment and development. During this phase of CAD we don't just teach you how to do certain movements, we assess how you move. Are you able to operate your body in the correct ways in order to dive into all the movements done here at 540? Or is more time needed on the shaping of your abilities and mobility? Is your body able to do everything from day one? Or is a different approach needed in order to achieve your goals. CrossFit 540 has been slowly improving our new athlete training process since 2009, and we are confident that it will work for any individual who walks in our doors. EVERYONE can have success here at 540, but not everyone can take the same path to get there.

    Once you decide the program is for you, contact us in anyway with your information and we will have a trainer schedule a time with you of your choosing so that you can complete the course. Our CAD process is $75. This cost is apart from your first month membership and may be waived depending on which contract is chosen. If you feel that you have the skill level required, you can always test out of the course. Just ask one of our trainers how, and they will guide you through the process.

  • Stage 2:


    The Fitness.

    As you progress in your fitness, so do your skills. You'll perform the deadlift, squat, clean, jerk, box jump, pull-up, push up, and so much more. Each day, our goal is to not only encourage you in fitness, but in life.

    Training at 540 changes from athlete to athlete. We are all individually different and have different genetic setups that require different training paths. One example is in regard to your strength training. Imagine you have two ladies who can both back squat 200lbs. However, if we put 85% of that 200lb on the bar (170), we may find that one lady can perform a maximum of 4 reps, while the other is able to obtain 8. Both of these strong awesome women can back squat 200lbs, but due to their neuromuscular efficiency, they both need different training programs in order to advance further. These ladies will get that special programing and attention at CrossFit 540.

    We go even further when diving into our metabolic conditioning. Being aware of the energy system used in each workout and consistently working to expand that energy system is a constant at our facilities. Is the workout aerobic or anaerobic? Is it lactic based or alactic? How often is the athlete blending glycolytic training with aerobic? Is the recovery time long enough to 'train' and expand these different energy pathways or is the goal for the workout an all out test meant for nothing more than to bench mark our current progress. Countless decisions go into our daily programming and training.

    Sound too complicated? Just need something simple? Rest assured that our processess are designed to help YOU get what you want out of the programming. Our methods are research based from the biggest leaders in the industry. You owe it to yourself to not waste your time and resources on somthing that doesnt work. For these reasons, it is the highest priority to us that we set up a training process for our members that supplies them with success. We aim to make sure you think its worth it.

  • Stage 3:


    Above & Beyond.

    CrossFit has clearly changed the fitness landscape. Early on naysayers quickly wrote off the program as a fad that would burn out. That has proved incorrect as the number of CrossFit 'Boxes' has multiplied into the thousands and continues to grow. One of the reasons that the system has become so popular is in creation of the CrossFit Games. Every year the best and the most talented CrossFit athletes from all over the globe compete for the title of 'Fittest in the World', at the CrossFit Games. The wild popularity of the Games has also spawned countless local and regional competitions for ALL level of athletes to compete in themselves. This is the 'sport' of CrossFit. This is where our AAB programming comes in. For those that are ready for the challenge, we take extreme pride in being able to not just make you fitter, but to help you take the next step in the sport of fitness. Higher levels of olympic weight lifting, gymnastics and conditioning are all brought to the table in this program

    We sent teams to Regionals in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,and 2018, placing as high as 5th place in 2014. We have also had numerous Games and Regional athletes train for different periods of time.

    Our secret is our team. Though it is intense training, we laugh, we celebrate, and we work...hard.