Sessions@ 8, 12.30

Holiday Hours
Monday: 8.15, 11.30, 4.30
Tuesday: THE GAUNTLET 11 - 1 (short workout every 30 mins)

Don’t forget to sign up for the nutritional phone consults at the gym. New year, new plan!

!! As was started at the end of the year in 2017, we will continue the three year process of equalizing rates, some will see a small increase in their monthly dues as we slowly ease all members into the same rate brackets of 140 and 115. Please feel free to reach out to a trainer if you have any questions.

Deadlift 10 reps @ 60-65 gentle TnG 

Bench 10 reps @ 65, 8@70, 6@75, 6-6-6@75-85

Strict Pullups 8-12 to failure, weighted if needed 

Bike 20/15
10 Thrusters A)115/75, B)95/65, C)75/35 RX+)135/95
*score each rd for time

Trevor Belline