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Team! The 2020 Open is upon us!!! If just a few days…. the 2020 Open will begin. Every Thursday for 5 weeks starting on Oct 10th, CrossFit HQ will release a wod and you will have until Monday at 7pm to do the workout and report your score online. We do something a bit different here at 540…. an IN House open were we all have a friendly competition against each other We strive to make balanced teams of both scaled and Rx’d athletes. We also try and make Friday nights a big fun night for everyone to come together and do that weeks Open workout together in an exciting environment.

The sign up is in the check in room and we really hope everyone will decide to join! Its a great way for you to get more involved with the community and out of your comfort zone:)

15 Thrusters 95/65
15 Pullups / C2B

Rest 1
12 G2OH 95/65
12/8 Cals

Rest 2
10 Dual DB Sq Cleans 50/35
10 Dual DB Jerks

Rest 2
8 BMU/ Squatting Pullups

Oly Option:
Power Snatch
P clean + Jerk

3-4 rds
2 min of Weighted Lunges
2 min of Rowing
2 min of sit-ups
1 min rest

Trevor Belline